Birds at the Arms

Birds of Tokyo

Kings Arms, Auckland, 20 January 2011

What is it with me and up-and-coming Western Australian Rock Bands? A few years ago, I fell in love with Thirsty Merc and here I am again with Perth Rockers, Birds of Tokyo.

They are being raved about in Australia, having won ‘Best Rock Album’ at the 2010 ARIA Awards. I’d only heard a few of their songs before the gig, with ‘Plans’ being my song of summer, so I headed along to see if they were as good live, as they sound on the radio.

It was also my first concert at The Kings Arms. It’s a good venue, intimate setting, although the bar should definitely be moved to the back of the room.

So what did I think of the concert? We were lucky enough to grab a spot close to the stage, with a bit of a breeze from the garden bar doorway to relieve a bit of the sticky humidity.

The music was fantastic. The crowd was hooked from the first song of the night ‘The Saddest Thing I Know’. I recognised more songs than I thought I would, and even felt myself grooving along to the songs that I didn’t know. The four-piece band are tight, and the music very slick. Complete professionals.

Birds of Tokyo

Birds of Tokyo, Kings Arms, 20 Jan 2011

Ian Kenny (lead singer) is a performance in himself. He is a very animated performer, almost acting out the lyrics while his arms flail about conducting an orchestra. His dance moves reminded me of the comedian Steady Eddie and with his bobbing head, I now know where the ‘Birds’ part of their name stems from. Obviously this gets him into his groove, because he was one of the best live singers I’ve seen.

The band has enormous stage presence and the crowd (and myself) was loving it.

Great concert. I’m impressed and looking forward to hearing more of what these Aussies have to offer.


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