Long Island Iced Thai

Thai Peninsula

Cnr Gunner & Rhone Ave, Te Atatu Peninsula

Okay, so Te Atatu Peninsula isn’t technically an island, but it was a chilly night (iced) and we were eating Thai, so the blog title sounded good.

I thought everyone left Auckland on a long weekend, but this obviously doesn’t apply to Te Atatu Peninsula. Thai Peninsula was packed and we were lucky enough to grab the last unreserved table.

The well established restaurant is BYO and $3 per bottle corkage was very reasonable (even if it says $2 per bottle on the menu). My offering was a German Riesling with a glass (cork) closure, so maybe the confusion on how to open it was the reason it took 10 minutes for them to bring my bottle of wine back to the table, or maybe it was just the fact that they were busy.

Thai Peninsula

Main dishes - Pad Tom Yum Talay (back), Pra Ram Long Song Jae (front)

The menu is full of delicious dishes. To start, I chose a tofu with peanut, chilli sauce, which was a generous portion, while the husband ordered chicken satay, which he enjoyed as well.

Thank goodness we’d ordered starters, as it was nearly an hour later that our mains appeared. The food was definitely worth the wait, but by goodness we were hungry and the wine was almost out!

My main was the Pra Ram Long Song Jae (tofu and vegetable satay) which was delicious and a generous serving. The husband enjoyed Pad Tom Yum Talay, which was a mixed seafood dish featuring scallops, calamari, mussels, prawns and veges.

Starters were under $10, with mains between $15-$25. $2 per person for rice. Corkage $3 per bottle.

In a nutshell: Great food, great value. If dining in, make a reservation and if you’re in a hurry, order takeaways.


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