Weingut Paulinshof

Braunenberger Juffer
Riesling Kabinett 2007

Germany is synonymous with fantastic Rieslings, and this Mosel wine from Weingut Paulinshof is no exception.

Flavours of honey, apricots and lime, can be found in this low alcohol wine (10% alc). It is medium-dry in style, well balanced, with a lingering finish, and at $20 per bottle it is great value for money.

Interestingly it has a glass closure instead of a cork, which makes it look very classy.

Paulinshof Riesling Kabinett 2007

A truly enjoyable wine, far too easy to drink, and a great match with our Thai Dinner.

I was lucky enough to meet Christa Jungling, owner of Weingut Paulinshof in 2009, where she shared some of her thoughts on the differences between New Zealand and German Rieslings with me.

‘QMP’ or Qualitatswein mit Pradikat, is the German equivalent of NZ’s ‘Reserve’ wines – the best wines in the country. These QmP wines are prohibited from adding any extra sugar in the wine making process. Kabinett is a QMP wine, made from normal ripe grapes that have attained a minimum sugar level, usually resulting in an off-dry style of wine.

In New Zealand, we can measure the sweetness of a wine (or sugar content of grapes) using the ‘Brix’ scale. In Germany, they use the ‘Oeschle’ scale. Kabinett is usually off-dry at the lower end of the scale, Spatlese are made from even riper (and therefore sweeter) grapes, with Auslese even riper/sweeter.

So, that’s your German wine lesson for today. Happy drinking!


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