Hobsonville Point Farmer’s Market

N.o 5 Store, next to Catalina Café
Hobsonville Point

9am-1pm, every Sunday

Today was the inaugural Farmer’s Market at Hobsonville Point, so we thought we’d check it out.

We’ve been to many farmers markets over the years, once of the best being The Hawke’s Bay Farmer’s Market in Hastings, so we were really keen to see what the Hobsonville Point ‘farmers’ were up to.

Hobsonville Point is the new ‘community’ name for the old Hobsonville Air Force base, off Upper Harbour Highway between Westgate and Greenhithe in West Auckland. The residential development has begun, and the beautification process of this area is in full swing, including a unique children’s play area, some interesting outdoor art, and the opening of Catalina Café.

Knowing that this was the first day of the Hobsonville Point Farmer’s Markets, we were pleasantly surprised by the variety of wares on offer. The big empty warehouse known as ‘No. 5 Store’ was filled with enthusiastic stall owners selling; fresh fish, meat (husband bought a pack of wild boar sausages for $10), vegetables, avocados (4 for $5), sauces, oils, pesto (I bagged the basil pesto for $6 to try), gourmet takeaways, fresh bread (she’d almost sold out before 10am), plants, herbs, macadamia nuts, honey and much more. Personally, it was also great to stumble across The Original Smoke and Spice Company again. I’m a big fan of their Original Smoke Salt, and my shaker was getting a little low.

Original Smoke Salt

Original Smoke Salt

Meat stand at Farmer's Market

Outside there were only a few stalls, selling fruit and vegetables (I’m enjoying my $4 punnet of blackberries as I type) and natural juice, along with entertainment by a young busking guitarist.

Earthbound Honey

Earthbound Honey

The stall holders were all smiles and happy to be sharing their story with the abundance of new customers. To me, this is what a traditional Farmer’s Market is all about – talking to those who make the products, listening to their tips and recommendations. The lovely couple fronting the Earthbound Honey stand were more than happy to share with me their Mexican Dressing recipe created with their Honeygar product, that was available for sampling.

Although there was plenty of selection, there is still ample room for the market to expand, both inside the No. 5 Store, and in the outside area. And with the leisurely opening hours of 9am-1pm, you don’t have to be up and racing at an ungodly hour to make the most of the markets.

From a marketing point of view, I’m loving their logo and advertising billboards/signs. There was even a stand selling reusable bags, posters and tee-shirts, with great slogans in the same horizontal stripe logo font, to help advertise the markets. Obviously, there is a smart cookie behind the whole Hobsonville Point Farmer’s Market concept.

We were also surprised at how busy the markets were for the opening day. Obviously word had spread and cars were backed up in both directions. My advice is to park close to the Upper Harbour Highway end of the road and take a pleasant stroll through the trees to the markets, as it will make getting out of the place a bit easier.

What to bring:

  • A dog – we’d left our fur child at home, not knowing what their dog policy would be, but we felt like the odd ones out.
  • Cash
  • A bag for all your goodies.

We enjoyed our half hour visit to the Hobsonville Point Farmer’s Market, and I can see these markets becoming a regular appointment on our weekend calendar.

For more information, visit the Hobsonville Point Farmer’s Market website.


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