Not Just Pizza…

Non Solo Pizza

259 Parnell Road, Auckland

I hadn’t been to Non Solo Pizza (NSP)  in years, so when the hubby and I recently found ourselves in Parnell and looking for a lazy late lunch on a Sunday afternoon, I was keen on introducing him to this fine establishment. And they didn’t let me down!

The courtyard provided a beautiful setting, and some much needed shade from the scorching summer heat. At 2:30pm in the afternoon, the courtyard was pretty full, but we managed to land a table for two in the shade beside the water feature.

Our waiter was authentically Italian and happy to assist our selection by recommending his favourite dishes.

As the name suggests, it’s not just pizza on offer. The menu is sectioned into various traditional Italian courses, from Antipasti, Friggitoria, Pizze (Pizza), Primi Piatti (pasta), Insalate (salad), Seconde (meat focused main dishes) to Dessert.

Ravioli & Pizza

Beetroot & Goats Cheese Ravioli and Porcini Pizza

After much consultation I decided on the Ravioli, stuffed with beetroot and goats cheese in a brown butter and sage sauce – $19 entree/$26.50 main, while the husband went with one of the waiter’s recommendations of the Porcini Pizza (mozzarella, porcini mushrooms, truffle cream and shaved parmesan) – $26. The hubby never orders vegetarian, so I was delighted by his romantic gesture allowing us to share our meals – it was the day before Valentine’s Day after all.

We did not have to wait long for the food, and our meals were divine, both in taste and presentation. The main sized ravioli consisted of six pasta parcels, and  the beetroot and goats cheese filling offered a pretty pink colour to the dish (very appropriate for a pre Valentine’s day meal). The brown butter sauce, peppered with pine nuts, was very tasty, and the crispy sage leaves were devine.

The hubby’s pizza was equally as good, and I managed to steal a couple of slices while he wasn’t looking. A thin, solid base provided ample support for the mushrooms and parmesan. The truffle cream was a lovely touch to the flavours of the dish.

Improvements: The menus were a bit dog eared and tired, and the website is not up to date with their current menu offerings.

In a nutshell: Cute setting, good service and great food. It was the perfect way to spend a lazy summer’s afternoon. Bellissimo!

Remember – don’t go alone, it’s ‘non-solo’ pizza after all.


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