Singing In The Rain

More FM Winery Tour 2011

Villa Maria, Auckland

It’s raining, it’s pouring … but that didn’t deter us from joining the throngs of other music loving idiots and braving the rain at Villa Maria for the More FM Winery Tour.

Although we were armed with jackets and umbrella, there was no escaping the wet. It was interesting to watch our neighbouring concert goers rug up for their pre-performance nibbles – with everything from beanbags, a tarpaulin bivouacs and salads, to rubbish bag raincoats with cheese and crackers, to gumboots, colourful umbrellas and pizza. The one thing they all had in common was a glass of wine in their hand.

Rain at Villa Maria

Wet, Wet, Wet

Numerous food stands were scattered around the concert grounds, along with several bars selling Villa Maria wines. The pouring rain obviously hindered the ice cream stand, but their enterprising way of raising money for Christchurch by offering ‘cheek seats’ (cardboard Villa Maria packaging to keep your butt off the wet grass) for a gold coin donation, kept their tent very busy.

First to take the stage were kiwi rockers, Midnight Youth. They played at 1:00pm at Wellington’s Homegrown Festival, before winging their way to Auckland to perform at this gig at 6:00pm. Rock and Roll! This band is wicked live, and being the observant (read: usually sober driver) concert goer that I am, I love to watch the drummer (Aidan Bartlett) twirl his sticks, while playing – pretty cool. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see much twirling action this time around, but we had a great sing along to The Letter and Cavalry.

Midnight Youth at Villa Maria

Midnight Youth perform

Opshop were their usual fantastic musical selves. I’ve been a fan for yonks and they always put on a good show (plus Mr Kerrison is not bad to look at or listen to for long periods of time). It would have been nice to have them on stage for longer.

Being Christchurch boys, their hearts were obviously still with their loved ones at home, and the 30 sec of silence they requested from the crowd was solemnly respected.

With the weather, you’d have thought it would have been humorous for Opshop to play ‘Saturated’ during their set, but their idea of funny must be different from mine. They did, however, perform Pins and Needles, Big Energy in Little Spaces and one of my favourites, One Day, before ending on Madness and Other Allergies.

By the end of Opshop’s performance, we were completely drenched. So we ditched Brooke Fraser (not really our kind of music anyway), hightailed it to the soggy paddock parking lot and beat the traffic home – to a nice hot shower!

There is a lot of research out there about music and wine matching (here’s an article I prepared earlier), so I thought I’d share our harmonious tipple for the evening -Villa Maria’s Pinot Gris 2010. Who would have thought?

In a nutshell: Wet! Wild! But Worth It!


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One response to “Singing In The Rain

  • allan kent

    Celeste – we so nearly went to this concert as we like to support our clients (we did Villa Maria’s websites), but I’m so glad we missed this based on the rain! Well done for braving the weather.

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