Blood Sucking Mini Putt

Indoor Black-light Mini Golf

196 Swanson Road, HendersonTransylvania Mini Golf

Glow in the dark mini golf!?! How did we not know that this place existed, and so close to home? Sounds like a good excuse for some competitive fun. So, we gathered up our fortnightly dinner dates (A&MP) along with a couple of others and headed to West Auckland to try it out.

Not knowing quite what to expect inside the course, my first question to the attendant was “is anything going to jump out at me?” A girl can’t be too careful and I didn’t want to be the one who screamed the house down. Rest assured this is a fun family activity, and there are no ‘surprises’.

Transylvania opened the lid on its coffin in April 2008. Lit only with black lights, this vampire themed, twelve hole course is decorated with coffins, headstones, scary trees and ghouls (who look suspiciously like fluro green gnomes), under an imposing full moon in winter (the fake snow does a lovely job of glowing in the dark).

Transylvania - Haunted Castle

The Haunted Castle

The holes are all aptly named; The Coffin, Bat Cave, The Impaler, Fountain of Immortality, Silver Bullet. Each hole tells a different tale of the myths of Transylvania, while punters attempt to hit their fluorescent coloured balls around skulls and through mini haunted castles to the hole.

Transylvania Mini Golf Course

Blacklight Graveyard

We split into two teams; guys (read: competitive) in one team and the girls (read: we hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks and had loads to catch up on) in the team following.

It’s been years since I last played mini golf, and it showed, but we all had a blast. It was amazing that six 30-something’s could have such a good laugh with no alcohol involved.

We’d bought our tickets for the night through a ‘Grab One’ deal, so we paid $20 for a round of golf, a can of drink and a Hell pizza. The regular price for a round of golf is $14.

Vacant - Transylvania

Fountain of Immortality

Improvements: It could be just me, but I thought the place was looking a little bit tired. Perhaps more gimmicky holes, like the haunted castle.

In a nutshell: I had a great time and it was worth a visit, but for me it was kind of a one off thing, and I’m not sure I’ll go back again in a hurry.

Top Tip: Wear something fluro or white for optimal visual effects. I wish I’d worn a black and white skeleton T-shirt, or had my teeth whitened.


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