Getting Fresh

Pita Pit

Symonds Street, Auckland

I confess, I may be a little addicted as I post this blog.

I work on Symonds Street and there is a dismal selection of places in this area to purchase your lunch. So when construction started across the road and we were informed that Pita Pit was opening, we got a tad excited at work.

On opening day, a small contingent from the office lined up behind the counter. I chose a small (Petita) Falafel Pita, and was impressed to learn that the falafel – and any of the other vegetarian options – are cooked on a separate grill to the meats.

When you place your order, they ask you for your name. Each person who handles your lunch down the production line of different salad, spread and sauce options, uses this information. It makes you feel a little bit special – “Celeste, which salads would you like?”, “would you like salt and pepper on that, Celeste”. However, when the guy serving me today made comment about Queen Celeste from the children’s story Babar the Elephant, I wondered if they’d gone a little too far.

Falafel Pita

Pita Pit is a Canadian franchise, started in 1995. They aim to provide quality, healthy and fresh fast food, and by all accounts, they have succeeded so far with this new store. I was quite impressed for their first day and enjoyed a chat with the New Zealand based Franchiser team outside, who were gauging customer feedback.

I’ll also confess that I may have been three or four times since opening day, as I’ve been trying to get the perfect combination of sauces and salads. Currently I’m ordering a small falafel pita toasted with half babaganoush and half hummus spreads, lettuce, cucumber, sprouts, mushroom, pineapple, cheddar cheese, two sauces (lite aioli and honey mustard) and salt and pepper. One of the hardest decisions has been whether or not to toast your pita, and today I was offered a mushroom toasting option as well. So many decisions!

I find the lightness of the pita bread much more palatable than other bulky sandwich bars. (And I know I’m going to get in trouble here, as the husband’s cousin owns a couple of Subways in South Auckland).

Falafel is the ‘Pita of the Day’ on a on Monday ($6 for a small Pita), but meat eaters have these deals on every other day of the week.

My question to you – does being on a first name basis with the Owner (Des) prove that I might be slightly addicted?

In a nutshell: Fresh, tasty and great value (especially with Pita of the Day).


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