In a Pickle

Pickles on Apollo

1 Antares Place, Apollo Drive

Dry beans, does not a tasty nacho dish make! My lunch choice at Pickles sounded like it had  good vegetarian Nacho potential, with all the key ingredients; beans, cheese, sour cream and guacamole. The execution, however, definitely needed work.

Pickles - Nachos

Not the nicest Nachos

Gluggy, dry Mexican beans (and not that many included), slightly burnt chips (in the oven too long?) let the team down, especially when I had to pay an extra $3 for  the beans to be included. To my expert Nacho making eyes, it seemed the beans had probably been opened for a while and heating in the microwave had really dried them out.

The husband, who really isn’t that fussy when it comes to food, enjoyed his BLT with fries, although he did remove the red onions from the dish, “They didn’t say there’d be onions in it”. As much as I don’t like to admit this often, he was right. The menu did not specify this.

Pickles - BLT

We shared as chocolate milkshake, which was very disappointing in size for $7. Bring back the ‘longest drink in town’ when it comes to milkshakes, I say.

The menu isn’t huge, and I’m not sure that the large, crass sign (in red capital letters) directing you to “PLEASE PLACE YOUR ORDER AT THE COUNTER”, screams friendly. The staff were extremely attentive, though I’m not a fan of a waiter whisking the husband’s plate away, while  I am still eating. Is it just me, or is this a little rude?Pickles on Apollo

Furnished with a mix of couches, leather chairs, normal cafe chairs and tables with a slightly industrial feel, Pickles is a aesthetically pleasing space with a nice atmosphere. It’s much larger than it looks from the exterior, and has a nice outdoor dining area. It’s just a pity about the food.

In a nutshell: We won’t be racing back in a hurry.


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