Go For It …. Connect Four

Connect Four by Milton Bradley

Any good games cupboard or bookshelf

I’d just like to state, for the record, that I am the Connect Four Champion!

Do you remember playing Connect Four as a child? You know, the vertical checkers game? Two players, red and black checkers, you take turns putting them into slots, and the first one to make a row of four (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) wins. This original TV commercial (1…2…3…4…Connect Four) or this spruced up version from 1992 (go for the glory, go for the score, go for it … Connect Four), may help remind you. Ah the memories!

Anyway, we were having a few drinks at a friend’s house last night, when he pulled out an original Connect Four game still in its original box.

Connect Four Box

Now, it may have been because I hadn’t had as much to drink as some of my other opponents, but I like to think it was my superiority that ruled that retro board game for a good hour (until no one would play me anymore).

Connect Four was created and original sold by Milton Bradley in February 1974. I’m sure any child born in the 70’s/80’s played this board game at some point, because there wasn’t a computer in the house. It usually resided on the book shelf with other favourites of this era such as; Guess Who, Operation and The Game of Life.Connect Four

I know I enjoyed myself with this walk down memory lane, but then again, I was the Champion on the night. Hilarious fun! If only we’d been aware of the Connect Four Drinking Game version.

You can still buy many different versions of this game, including a Giant Connect Four, that would look perfect in our back yard….


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