Que Sierra, Sierra

Sierra Cafe

111-115 Lincoln Road, Henderson

Sierra Cafe by CelesteReviews

On a lovely sunny autumnal Sunday, the husband and I ventured out for a spot of brunch, in between all the usual weekend chores.

Sierra Cafe, Lincoln Road, is relatively new. Served by a ‘trainee’ we placed our order at the counter. Typically the husband and I were after Eggs Benedict, with him ordering the salmon version ($17). With no vegetarian option apparent on the menu, I requested mine with no meat, which did confuse the new staff member, however with help from her colleague I thought we had this sorted.

Salmon Eggs Benedict by CelesteReviews

Salmon Eggs Benedict

Sierra Cafe has a nice outdoor eating area, that was perfect to soak in a few rays, while sipping our coffees (flat white – $4.50) and reading the newspaper. It didn’t take long for our brunch to arrive, alas two salmon eggs Benedict. Fail!

By the time my new ‘no meat’ eggs Bene arrived, the husband had well and truly finished his. Luckily this meant that one of us could use a corner of the table to rest the paper on, while the other ate, as it would have been a tight fit with both plates and coffees on the one table, anyway.

The dish was tasty, with the bread fresh and crunchy, the spinach wilted properly and the eggs cooked well.

Improvements: Communication between front of house and the kitchen, and the need for bigger tables.

In a nutshell: Friendly (and apologetic) staff, but pretty average overall.


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