Chow Time


11A Woodward Street, Wellington

Blue Cheese Wontons by CelesteReviews

Blue Cheese Wontons

Three words: Blue Cheese Wontons.

They sound so wrong, but by crikey they taste good.

On a recent trip to Wellington, our friends lead us up the cobbled path to the big red door of Chow. Chow is pitched as ‘Fresh Asian’ cuisine with a second premises in Tory.

With five hungry mouths to feed, we shuffled into a booth and ordered a selection of dishes to share.

We inhaled the aforementioned wontons, and ended up ordering two portions of this delicacy to keep everyone was content.

The carnivores at the table enjoyed salt and pepper squid with wasabi mayonnaise ($12), thai fish cakes ($15), chicken satays ($15), and the chang mai chicken red curry broth with noodles ($19).

As per my previous blogs, you’ll remember that Takoyaki Octopus Balls, are one of the husband’s favorite dishes. Chow’s interpretation did not disappoint him.Chow Cuisine by CelesteReviews

Also worth a mention was the Beggars Purse dish, consisting of deep fried pockets of Chinese greens, bamboo, peanuts and mushrooms ($11). These were very tasty, along with the Leek and Ginger Gyoza ($8).

Seven Spice Tofu by CelesteReviews

Seven Spice Tofu

My star dish of the evening was the Seven Spice Tofu ($9). The texture of the tofu was crunchy and devine, and while the spices burnt my lips, he flavour was fantastic and I just could not stop eating them. The word ‘tofu’ tends to scare off a lot of the punters, which means there is always more for me to consume.

One word of warning for those with delicate constitutions – most of the accompanying dipping sauces were very hot and spicy, and not for the faint hearted.

Chow is decorated in a modern industrial theme, with dark wood tables and red booths. The atmosphere is fun and the staff were very friendly, although that may have been the Asahi beers talking (which were a great match with spicy food, by the way).

In a nutshell: A perfectly tasty spot for catching up with friends. I’m hoping they’ll open a branch in Auckland.


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