Ace Altura – Breakfast Detective

Altura Cafe

23 Douglas Alexander Parade, Albany

It’s no secret that I’m an Eggs Benedict fan. I often find pancakes too sweet, a big breakfast too big, and the husband makes a pretty decent ‘eggs on toast’ at home. So, when faced with a breakfast/brunch menu, I am drawn towards ordering Eggs Benedict.

It has taken a lot of detective work, and we’ve eaten quite a few average versions, and earlier in the year we thought we had found the best version in Thames. However, we recently discovered Auckland’s best take on this dish – introducing Altura Café.

Vegetarian Eggs Benedict by CelesteReviews

Spinach & Avocado Eggs Benedict (with sauces on the side)

Firstly, let me describe our egg-stra-special brunch. Consisting of English muffins, two perfectly poached eggs, and hollandaise, the secret was not only the scrumptious hash brown, but the most delicious pesto. Add spinach and a decent slab of sliced avocado, and my vegetarian version ($17.50) took me to breakfast heaven. Being the meat eater in our relationship, the husband happily scoffed his smoked salmon version ($18.50), and helped me finish off mine.

Altura Salmon Eggs Benedict by CelesteReviews

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

For those who aren’t Eggs Bene fans, there are many other tasty treats on the breakfast and brunch menu. As a lunch destination, the menu includes options such as; nachos, corn fritters, risotto, cajun chicken vege salad, or the scotch fillet.

This café is actually the home of Altura coffee, so you can watch them roasting the beans on site. Needless to say this is probably the reason my indulgent mocha, blended with Belgian chocolate ($4.80), was delicious. The coffee menu is almost as extensive and descriptive as their food offerings, with items such as, Affogato (double shot over rich vanilla ice cream), and flavoured shots on offer.

In a nutshell: Visit while hungry for maximum satisfaction. Plus, blinking good coffee.


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