Indulgent Ice Cream

Cold Rock Ice Creamery

Cold Rock by CelesteReviews

Have you ever been faced with a dessert bar, filled your bowl with several different (but equally delicious) dessert options, and squished them together a wee bit before they made it into your mouth? The combination of fluffy pavalova, crumby chocolate cake and nana’s fruit salad actually makes for its own terrific flavour and texture, especially if you get a bit of ice cream stirred through.

With this concept in mind, I bring you Cold Rock – the ultimate ice cream experience. Their tag line is “Choose it, Mix it, Smash it, Love it’, and boy do I love it! Take a couple of your favourite ice cream flavours, choose your favourite confectionery, lay them out on a frozen stone board and smash them together. Scoop back into a cone or tub and enjoy.

The confectionery choices range from marshmellows to jelly beans, mint slice biscuits to Violet Crumble (Australian equivalent of a Crunchie Bar), Gummie Bears to caramel fudge – you name it, they’ll mash it up with your ice cream.

Cold Rock by CelesteReviews

Confectionery Selection

As I was on holiday (and everyone knows that calories don’t count while on vacation) and I was already being incredibly indulgent, Cold Rock was the natural place for a decadent treat on a sunny Brisbane afternoon.

My combination of the day: one scoop of cookies’n’cream ice cream, smashed with peanut M&M’s and one scoop of chocolate ice cream, straight up. I can’t wait for my next Brisbane visit, so I can try another combination.Cold Rock by CelesteReviews

I can also highly recommend Smash Ice Cream on Oxford Street (from a previous trip to Brisbane).

I really can’t understand why has this concept has not been franchised in New Zealand yet. Or if it has, please tell me where to find the nearest store.


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