Catalina Cafe

Corner of Buckley Ave & Hastings Crescent
Hobsonville Point, Auckland

If you haven’t been for a nosey at the new Hobsonville Point development, it’s definitely worth a trip.

With the disestablishment of the Hobsonville Air Force Base, this prime real estate is being transformed into a fun, family friendly community. Houses are quickly being built, and the landscaping is beautiful with big trees, plenty of walkways and even a wetland. There is also an award winning (and very arty) playground for the kids and the Farmers Market (which I visited earlier in the year) is so popular there is now even a market held mid week.

At the hub of this new community is the Catalina Cafe. The Cafe is situated in a renovated Air Force building, with the Hobsonville Point Information Centre attached. The space has a cosy yet spacious feeling, with a high ceiling and tall glass windows letting in lots of light, and polished floors.

Catalina Cafe

The husband and I sprawled out on a corner of the huge communal wooden table to read the newspaper. A latte set us back $5, but I loved the cheerful red crockery that my Hot Chocolate ($4.50) was presented in.

The Cafe has a good selection for breakfast or lunch, and regular readers of my blog willl be pleased to know that we didn’t order Eggs Benedict for our breakfast on this particular day. The husband thought his Big Breakfast was one of the best he’s ever had, especially the potatoes, but at $24 we thought it was a tad pricey. Luckily we were using an ‘Entertainment Book‘ voucher (buy one main, get one free) or this would have been a $50 breakfast.

Big Breakfast

Big Breakfast

I ordered the Spinach and Ricotta Omelette on grain bread ($17). This was a very big and very rich dish, with far more ricotta than egg. I didn’t even get through half of what was on my plate. Don’t get me wrong, it was tasty, just a bit over the top for that time of the morning.

Spinach & Ricotta Omelette

Spinach & Ricotta Omelette

The outdoor dining area allows the adults to enjoy their coffee, while keeping an eye on the kids enjoying the playground. The walkways meandering under and huge trees also make for a pleasant stroll to work off some of that omelette.

In a nutshell: A great setting, but a little overpriced.


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