Amy’s Kitchen

730 Whitford Wharf Road
Whitford, Auckland

Amy's Kitchen Sign CelesteReviewsLocated on the bank of a stream, teeming with wildlife, this cute little cafe is hidden away in the heart of Whitford. Resident ducks and roosters wander the large grass area, dotted with outdoor dining tables.

That is, of course, if you don’t have a slight (read as ‘more-than-slight’) bird phobia, and spend half your meal hoping the ducks don’t go for your unprotected jandal clad toes. I’ve seen a duck attack before, and the memory still haunts me! Let’s just say that the husband, and munchkins, had a much more relaxed experience at Amy’s Kitchen, enjoying the beautiful summers day, and I tried my best. The husband reckons he even spied an eel’s tail in the murky depths of the stream … kids will love this venue.

Amy's Kitchen CelesteReviews

Those brave enough to follow the precarious driveway, and hope like hell you get a parking spot at the bottom, will be rewarded with a small, yet satisfying brunch menu. Expect the usual dishes of; mushrooms on toast, french toast, omelettes, eggs on toast and, our favourite … eggs benedict. There are also plenty of slices, muffins and cabinet food (enchiladas, pasties, etc).

Amys Kitchen Eggs Benedict CelesteReviews

Eggs Benedict

So, any guesses as to what we ordered? We are so predictable. Salmon Eggs Benedict, with a side order of hashbrowns for the husband, while I devoured the spinach version of the same dish. We were impressed to receive, not one, not two, but three eggs on our plate.  Fresh, raw spinach was an interesting twist to the dish, the Hollandaise was very tasty and the hashbrowns were perfect.

The building needs a little TLC, there is loads of room outside for more tables, and finding a parking space is a nightmare, but with limited options in the area, I’d say business is booming. Next time, we will visit on a Saturday morning and check out the Whitford Markets (stay tuned for a post).

In a nutshell: A nice little drive out of the city. A lovely summer setting, if you aren’t scared of birds.


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