Zigging and Zagging in Hanmer Springs

Conical Hill Walk, Hanmer Springs

Conical Hill Walk Hanmer Springs CelesteReviewsLast week, we were lucky enough to visit the magical town of Hanmer Springs, Canterbury.

Thanks to the twins, gone are the days of lazy holiday sleep-ins, so bright and early one stunning morning we decided to tackle Conical Hill.

This walking trail starts at the top end of Conical Hill Road. The slope of the road is a good indication of what lays ahead.

Conical Hill by CelesteReviews

Wide Shady Path

It’s a steep climb to the summit, with twelve long zigzags on a wide, pine needle covered track. That’s six zigs and six zags, and trust me, you’ll be counting each one by half way. The tall trees provided much required cool cover in the Summer morning heat.

I’m certainly glad that I wasn’t pushing our double pram with two bonny babies up the hill, however, I’m sure the husband enjoyed the work out. Except for a low zigzag fence, which I presume is to stop people taking bikes onto the track, the trail is stroller friendly. We have a ‘side-by-side’ Mountain Buggy which wouldn’t fit through, so we just lifted our pram over – easy!

It took us a leisurely 40mins to reach the tussocky summit (550m above sea level), and our efforts were rewarded with stunning 360 degree vistas of the area.

Conical Hill Walk CelesteReviews

Gorgeous Views of the Area

Conical Hill Summit Hanmer Springs CelesteReviews

Looking back down the trail from Summit

Our descent was a lot quicker (20 mins). So, all up, the 2.5km walk was an hour round trip.

Top Tip: There is a large picnic table at the summit, so pack morning tea or lunch and enjoy the view.

In a Nutshell: Great exercise, and a rewarding way to view the area.


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