Rotorua’s Aroma

Aroma Cafe
1126 Fenton Street, Rotorua

As the title of a cafe situated in the suplhuric-smelling city of Rotorua, I’m not sure that the name ‘Aroma’, conjures up the most appealing thoughts. However, name aside, we were pleased with our recent visit to this cafe.

There were more gluten free menu choices than vegetarian options, yet the staff were very accommodating with suggesting modifying menu items to make them vegetarian. In fact, the staff were very friendly and helpful overall. The husband indulged in a huge open chicken sandwich, with brie, cranberry and salad. My BLAT (hold the bacon, but add an egg) was very filling. The avocado was delicious, although the relish was a little overpowering. Both items were dressed in aioli and served with a generous portion of fries.

Open Chicken Sandwich Aroma Cafe CelesteReviews

Open Chicken Sandwich

BLAT Aroma Cafe CelesteReviews

BLAT (hold the bacon, add egg)

The coffee ($5 medium size) was lovely, and actually hot. Lately, we’ve been finding actual ‘hot’ coffee a rare occurrence.

Although too damp and windy for the munchkins on the day of our visit, there is a great undercover outdoor area at the rear of the cafe.

In a Nutshell: A lovely lunch stop in ‘aromatic Rotorua’.


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