We’ll Be Back, Jack

Pepperjacks Restaurant Bar/Cafe

190 Jack Lachlan Drive, Pine Harbour Marina, Beachlands

“Oh no! The menu looks dubious” thinks the vegetarian. After a hot 20 min drive with a hungry husband and in-laws  plus the twins in tow, I nervously ask “what can you do that’s vegetarian?” Complete with a lovely smile, the waitress provides the answer which all vegetarians love to hear, “we can make almost anything on the menu into a vegetarian meal for you”. Music to my ears! Pass me a menu please.

Being a beautiful summers day, we parked ourselves on a shaded wooden table outside, while we perused the menu. Pepperjacks is in a great location, with stunning views out to the Hauraki Gulf. As we soaked in the calmness of the day, you couldn’t help thinking that “this is the life” – Sipping a Monteiths ale (or in MIL’s case a local Pinot Gris) and watching the boats depart and arrive. It almost reminded me of a Queensland Resort.

View from Pepperjacks CelesteReviews

The View

There were plenty of choices on the menu, ranging from seafood to traditional pub fare (burgers, sandwiches, etc) along with cabinet food for lighter options, and brunch was served until 3pm.

The husband ordered an open crumbed chicken sandwich with fries ($16.50) which was ample to satisfy his hunger.

Pepperjacks Chicken Sandwich CelesteReviews

Open Chicken Sandwich

The FIL was impressed with his squid, and the MIL’s pan fried fish and chips option was a very generous size.

Pepperjacks Squid CelesteReviews


Pepperjacks Fish and Chips CelesteReviews

Fish & Chips

I requested a vegetarian version of the pasta of the day, and was even given an option of a cream or tomato base (very exciting to actually be given a choice). The pasta was delicious, filled with mushrooms, pepper and courgettes.

Pepperjacks Pasta CelesteReviews

Vegetarian Pasta of the Day

The staff were lively and friendly. Apparently the restaurant is under new management, so I’m not sure if this enthusiasm has always been a part of the Pepperjacks’ dining experience. They also helpfully set up a change table in another room for us to use after we had fed the twins.

Offering to look after the babies while we ate our meals, was maybe a small step too far in service for my comfort levels, but a generous thought all the same. However, I’m probably a tad overprotective with our babies. For some reason, having twins constantly invites random strangers to poke their noses into our pram and touch our children, without our permission (don’t even get me started), so I hope the staff didn’t take offence when I rejected their kind offer. One day I’ll dedicate an entire ranting blog to the bizarre behaviour we’ve experienced while being out and about with twins…

We will definitely be back to visit again.

To Tip: We missed the Saturday Fresh Markets by 45 mins! They finish at midday, so get there early for a spot of shopping before lunch.

In a Nutshell: Stellar service, lovely food and a perfect way to spend a summer’s afternoon. Definitely worth the drive.


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