Crazy Mother

Mama Loco
219 Don McKinnon Drive, Albany

Just to clarify, my mum’s not really crazy. Well, I certainly wouldn’t be confessing to such things in a public forum. But, I’ll tell you what is crazy… Mama Loco. Get it? Crazy Mother … Anyway, this funky Mexican Restaurant is definitely wacky, but in a good and tasty way!

You’ll find Mama Loco located at the very end of the ‘food establishments’ on the exterior of the Albany Westfield Shopping Mall. Being big fans of Mexican cuisine, I’m surprised we hadn’t heard about this eatery before, so I’m super excited we stumbled across it.

Mama Loco Bar CelesteRevews

The Bar

Inside the decor is vibrant and quirky, with the most colourful bar I’ve ever seen, yellow ‘leaf’ chairs, and cheerful greenery on the walls .

Mama Loco Albany Celeste Reviews

Inside Mama Loco

Outside, on the sunny deck, they have huge wooden tables with deck chairs that you literally sink into (complete with a skull face cutout on the back of them, of course). Even the salt and pepper shakers are fun, along with the “Pure Death” hot sauce.

Mama Loco Salt & Pepper CelesteReviews

Piggy Salt & Pepper Shakers

Mama Loco were more than happy to create a vegetarian version of their burrito ($17.50).  It was ginormous, filled with salad, cucumber, re-fried beans, Mexican rice, corn and silverbeet. It was accompanied by home made corn chips, that were so good, I could have just feasted on chips alone.

Mama Loco Albany CelesteReviews

Vegetarian Burrito

The husband scoffed his Braised Lamb Quesadilla ($16.90), so it must have been good.

Mama Loco Quesadillas CelesteReviews

Braised Lamb Quesadillas

The staff were very friendly and helpful. Watching one waitress (who assures me she was born in stilettos  teetering around at a brisk pace while carrying a fully loaded tray of drinks was totally awe inspiring!

Check out their flavoursome menu (below) or download their smartphone app (Mama Loco). I did chuckle at their tongue-in-cheek term for happy hour.

Mama Loco Menu CelesteReviews

The Menu

In a Nutshell: Go! Eat! Enjoy! Yum!


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