It’s a Dog’s Life


Laying on my sun lounger, watching the waves break on the reef, a dog pads past me on the beach … then another, and another, then four more.

CelesteReviews Rarotonga Dogs

Who let the dogs out?

They were all friendly dogs, sporting collars and looking well cared for. Being a dog person, and missing our Border Collie while on holiday, I look around for the owner, to engage in conversation. But, there are no two legged creatures to be seen.

The dogs race along the beach, and occasionally run into the surf and watch the fish swim through the crystal clear water. These canines are simply locals. Out for a romp with their mates on the beach, and maybe a spot of fishing. I didn’t see them actually catch anything, but the intense concentration shown was pretty funny.

CelesteReviews Rarotonga Dog Fishing

I’m actually a bit jealous. While I’m just a visitor to the beautiful island of Rarotonga, they get to soak up the sun and enjoy the warm water every single day.

Stray dogs used to be quite a problem in Rarotonga. During our stay, we saw them everywhere, but they all seemed well cared for.

At most restaurants there would be at least one doing laps of the tables, hoping for a pat on the head or an ear scratch. We also encountered many dogs meandering along the side of the road, occasionally chasing the wheels of the car or darting out in front of scooters. Between the dogs and the roosters, I think the wildlife runs the place.

Rarotonga … It’s a dog’s life.


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