Vaima Vibe

Vaimaanga, Rarotonga

CelesteReviews Vaima Rarotonga

A moonlit beach, my feet in the sand, a glass of Matutu (the local Rarotongan beer) in hand, and my hubby by my side. Now THIS feels like I’m on holiday.

In fact, it was a very similar romantic setting in Phuket, on the night we got engaged. All that was missing is the Thai Elvis crooner – but that’s another story.

Leaving Nana in charge, we’d managed to sneak out for a civilised adult dinner, after the twins had gone to sleep for the night. Vaima Polynesian Bar and Restaurant was the perfect spot to enjoy such an evening.

We managed to secure a table on the beach, under a coconut tree, just 10m from the gentle lapping waves. It was too dark to see the ocean, but there is something so very soothing about the sound of waves.

CelesteReviews Vaima Rarotonga

Cheese & Garlic Pita Bread

We relaxed into the rare date night with a starter of cheese and garlic pita bread, accompanied by a gorgeous guacamole dip.

The menu is relatively small, but covers lamb, pork, fish, chicken, and steak.

Although the usual vegetarian options of pizza and pasta were offered, I took a gamble on the vegetarian curry ($29). The presentation of the dish contained little dividers to separate the rice, curry, roti and condiments. It was a slightly hot version of the ‘medium’ curry I’d ordered, but delicious all the same.

CelesteReviews Vaima Rarotonga

Vegetarian Curry

The Hubby’s pork belly ($28) was “awesome”. A huge portion of meat, accompanied by very few veges (which is just the way he likes it).

CelesteReviews Vaima Rarotonga

Pork Belly

The ‘funny’ for the evening was Felix the cat. Stretched out along the counter, the staff had to give him a poke before I’d believe he wasn’t a stuffed animal.

We enjoyed our evening so much that we popped in for a night cap and dessert the next night we could sneak away childless. Petite fours should be on every menu, as it’s much better to try a little bit of everything for dessert menu, rather than having to choose just one. Key Lime Pie, Pavlova, Chocolate cake, Cheesecake, with a ball of ice cream and a small slab of chocolate. Calories don’t count when you are on holiday, do they?

CelesteReviews Vaima Petit Four Rarotonga

Petit Four Plate

Top Tip: Apparently their takeaway Pizzas are also fantastic.

In a Nutshell: A romantic setting, with fabulous food and a nice vibe. Make sure to save room for dessert.


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