Cockadoodle-Doo You Know It’s 2am?


Our recent trip to Rarotonga provided some ‘fantastic’ new wildlife experiences, both for both the adults, as well as our 14 month old twins.

CelesteReviews Rarotonga Rooster

For the older members of our group, it was getting used to roosters crowing throughout the night. None of this mythical only-at-dawn business, apparently 2am is a fabulous time to partake in a crowing session. These birds run on island time.

For the kids, it was getting up close and personal with the bird life. Three or four times a day we’d have up to four roosters, a handful of hens and sometimes even a few cute fluffy chicks, parading around the lawn at our holiday home.

CelesteReviews Rarotonga Chicks

A sign of things to come – our son chasing chicks…

Our daughter was especially taken by the roosters, egged on by Nana crowing “Cockadoodle-doo” each time they made an appearance. Being very verbal (babbly) at the moment, it didn’t take her long to begin imitating this crow, though unfortunately, only managing the first syllable. What a wonderful souvenir  to take home!

Once we realised the impact, Nana changed the crow to “Cackadoodle-doo”, so here’s hoping the fowl vowel change is picked up by little miss before too long…


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