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Rumours Waterfall SpaCelesteReviews Rarotonga Rumours

I’m not what what you would call a ‘girly-girl’. I’m a busy mum of twins, which doesn’t leave a lot of time (ie, absolutely no time) for hair, nails, make up or any such pampering. So, it was a little out of character to indulge myself in two and a half hours of luxurious ‘me’ time while holidaying in Rarotonga. I think the hubby was feeling guilty for all the diving he was doing, and he all but rang and made the appointment for me.

The award winning Rumours Waterfall Spa offers a Half Day Escape Package ($250), which includes a Polynesian Dead Sea mineral mask, coupled with a 60 minute aromatherapy massage.

The treatment room for the mineral mask was beautiful. One entire wall was rocks, with cascading water. The sound alone was enough to lull you into a zen like trance. Part of the roof was a panel of windows, allowing you to gaze up into the sky.

CelesteReviews Rumour Vichy Shower

Lying completely starkers under a bright printed cotton sheet, I experienced my first Vichy Shower. Seven jets of relaxing warm water spray over your entire body. It’s a magic trick how they subtly move the sheet revealing sections of your body, without ever losing your modesty, but they managed to coat the entire back of my body in a mud mask, leaving me to the sounds of the waterfall for 15 minutes, and then repeating the process on my front.

After a rinse and moisturise, I was directed to shower, put on a fluffy robe and slippers, and trudge next door to the massage room.

Sixty minutes of firm, yet relaxing, massage was heavenly. Who knew my body had so many knots that required detangling?

The time seemed to slip away too fast, or maybe I fell asleep for a bit, who knows? But, all too soon my time at Rumours was over. So I sipped my glass of bubbles and floated out the door, back to reality…

In a Nutshell: Expensive, but very relaxing.


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