Lost in Time…

Metro Centre, Sublevel 3
291-297 Queen Street, Auckland

Firstly, I’d just like to announce that “I am the current Twinnies Mini Golf Champion“. Those of you who know me will understand that it’s not often that I can claim a sporting title. Even if it was only against a few other twin mums from my coffee group. However, you have to make the most of these situations when they arise, so excuse me while I sing it from the rafters.

The last time I played mini golf was under a black light at Transylvania in West Auckland. So, it was time to dust off the putter and have another laugh at the poor golf ball’s expense and check out the new course in town.

Lost in Time opened in July 2013, and is located in the basement of the old Queen Street Borders Bookshop. The 18 hole course takes you on a journey through kiwi history.

CelesteReviews Lost in Time

No pressure!

CelesteReviews Lost in Time

The first few holes are set in the middle of a WWI battlefield. I mean, as if the pressure of sinking the ball wasn’t enough, add troops with machine guns and rifles pointed at you during the process!

Stepping through the doors to the Gold Mine, the next two holes are located in a dark narrow corridor under black light. Luckily the golf balls are painted in day-glow colours.

Based on Waihi’s Martha Mine, thankfully they’ve themed it from a historic mining angle, complete with glow worms in the tunnel/mine shaft, rather than making you play in the depths of the huge hole that the open cast mine resembles today.

CelesteReviews Lost in Time Marae

Next up is a natural setting with native New Zealand bush and imagery, with a soundtrack of bird calls and running water. Look out for the automated kiwis rummaging around near the Marae.

One hole is shaped like a koru (tricky spiral course) and another depicts a kiwi with an egg.

Finally, we enter the piece de resistance of this course – the Dinosaurs. The automated creations are very cool – you can even see their stomachs move as they breathe. Is it wrong (or a bit sad) for a mid thirties woman to get excited about dinosaurs?

CelesteReviews Lost in Time Triceratops


Four dinosaurs are present in this section of the course, including everyone’s favourite vegetarian historic creatures; Stegosaurus and Triceratops.

CelesteReviews Lost in Time T-Rex

Although, the T-Rex is probably the most popular critter on the course, I was introduced to a dinosaur that I didn’t even know existed. Who’s heard of an Ankylosaurus?

CelesteReviews Lost in Time

Ankylosaurus – apparently roamed New Zealand

According to the fossils found in New Zealand and Antartica, the Ankylosaurus would have been milling around our country about 65 million years ago. These dinosaurs were herbivore, and the special fermentation compartment in their stomachs aided digestion, but unfortunately made them produced large amounts of gas!

And you thought this blog was boring … I’ve just introduced you to a local farting prehistoric beast. The things you learn while mini-golfing.

So, as well as putting my way to a victorious six shot lead, and managing a hole in one, I also increased my knowledge with a few facts from the informative plaques as I putted my way around the course. A humorous and fun filled evening.

Open 10am-10pm, 7 days a week.

In a Nutshell: Loads of good old fashion family fun.


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