Hello Hamilton

24 Hours in Hamilton

Hamilton, you’ve changed! The hubby and I have just spent 24 childless hours in Hamilton over the long weekend and were pleasantly surprised.

Things have come a long way since my university days in the ‘Tron’. There is a strong cafe culture, loads of dining options, and a bar on every corner (oh, hang on, that last one is still the same).

So, what impressed us the most?

The Food
The food was outstanding. We had three fantastic meals during our trip; lunch at Foundation Bar, dinner at Palate and brunch at Joe’s Garage (blog posts to follow). Perhaps we struck it lucky, but three out of three is a good average.

The Music
Hamilton is a live music Mecca. By 10pm on Saturday night, the choices for watching a band play on Victoria and Hood Street were endless.

CelesteReviews Ibis Hamilton

Happy Hour overlooking the Waikato River

The Accommodation
We discovered a brilliant online deal for the Ibis. Centrally located and clean, it had all we needed to lay our weary heads. Plus $5 Happy Hour between 5pm-6pm. $20 valet parking or $15 a night self parking nearby.

The Shopping
The fact that we had no children in tow, did make traipsing around the shopping precincts a lot easier, not to mention a whole heap faster. Nevertheless, The Base or Te Awa or Dressmart, or whatever the proper name is, provides fantastic shopping. There is loads of parking, plenty of eating establishments, and a great playground (if you do have the kids). Centre Place, located in the heart of Hamilton, also had plenty of retail therapy on offer. Part of the mall has recently been redeveloped, and is looking very flash.

So, they were the positives of our stay, and although there were no real negatives during our fleeting visit, here are a couple of issues that I noted.

The Homeless
Call me naive, but when did Hamilton get homeless people? I’d never seen a single homeless person in the city before, either in the four years that I lived in Hamilton East, or during my infrequent visits since then. I was shocked to see so many elderly vagrants lounging about outside Starbucks in the middle of the day or picking through rubbish and gutters for cigarette butts. Not to mention those busking in the early hours of the morning. It was an eye opener.

The Short Skirts
I think I’m just getting old, but I really don’t get the fashion currently donned by the young adults of today. Let’s face it, Hamilton isn’t known for warm weather, so what possesses these girls to choose not much more than a fabric belt to wander around the night spots in? No matter what their size or shape. Yep – I’m definitely getting old.

Stay tuned for a few updates on Hamilton, coming to a blog near you, soon.


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