About Me

Word of mouth is pretty powerful stuff. I’m always out and about being entertained and I’m the first to recommend a restaurant, movie, book, or walk I’ve discovered, or tell everyone what a great time I had at a concert, event, etc. On the flip side, I also let people know of any bad experiences I’ve endured.

So rather than repeating my stories, I thought I’d preserve them in cyber space.

So, who am I? I’m Celeste.

Celeste Bowden


Before Children? … By day – I was a marketing professional in the New Zealand wine industry, and by night – a 30 something year old vegetarian kiwi girl, living in Auckland with husband and fur child (border collie).

Now? I’m the proud mother of twins, still trying to get out and about and experience everything the world has to offer.

Enjoy the raves and reviews of my life…


4 responses to “About Me

  • Fergus Miller

    Hi Celeste,
    seems like we have some thing’s in common! But I have to ask you this question are you related to Drew?
    Best regards

  • Fergus Miller

    Hi Celeste,
    I don’t have much contact with him now but I used to work with him in Christchurch in a nightclub where I was a waiter! I like his music we had some contact last year when I was on facebook – Just have twitter and my blog, you should do more on your blog which I like. I love wine, good food & music! Next time you see Drew give him my love, he is a good guy.

  • Andy

    Hi Celeste, I read your article on pickles and would like to redeem a good review from you. My wife and i took over a few months ago and have polished up the service, the signs down and we make nearly all food from scratch like its supposed to be. The last owners were inexperienced and lacked the knowledge to run such a big place. We have 20years each experience and previously owned a succesful italian restaurant for 10 years working hands on. I hope you didn’t eat those nachos they looked scarey.

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