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And We’re Racing…

Fisher House
117 Kerwyn Avenue, Highbrook

South Auckland seems to be a little lean on fine dining establishments, so with an important occasion to celebrate, we set off to Highbrook’s Fisher House.

We’d once previously attempted to dine here, albeit unannounced, but were turned away as the kitchen had closed due to no reservations. So, this time, I made a reservation and was informed their latest sitting was 7pm. Who’s ever heard of a restaurant that closes their kitchen at 8pm on a Saturday night? ┬áLuckily the babysitter was adventurous and accommodating. But, my concerns was raised, and I’d already decided that I probably wasn’t going to enjoy my dining experience.

Boy, was I wrong! Maybe it’s our lack of dining experiences of late, or maybe Fisher House is just THAT good.

Built by Sir Woolf Fisher in 1962, Fisher House was set on a 177 acre horse racing stud farm, and known as the Ra Ora homestead. Rich in equine heritage, it has been refurbished with the grandeur of 60’s and 70’s entertaining with a grand curving staircase, and epic wallpaper. Such elegance seems slightly out of place among the growing industrial sprawl of the corporate head offices of Highbrook, though the location could explain the early closing time of this establishment.

The service was outstanding, with the waitress answering (or gladly finding the answer) to all my annoying wine and vegetarian questions.┬áThe food – one word – divine.

We started on a very flavoursome bruschetta topped with mouthwatering vine tomatoes and basil, drizzled in balsamic and topped with micro greens.

Fisher House Brushetta CelesteReviews


As the ever annoying vegetarian, I was a little disappointed that both my entree and main options were based on goats cheese (tart or torte). So we opted to skip the entree and move straight to the main event. This ended up being a very wise decision, because there was no way I would have been able to consume both.

The torte consisted of a large ramekin layered with Mediterranean veggies and goats cheese. A delicious combination of flavours and oh, so filling. The dish was accompanied by baby greens, an interesting salsa verde, and a slice of garlic bread.

Fisher House Vegetarian Torte CelesteReviews

The Vegetarian Torte

The husband, with gleeful mutterings of words such as ‘awesome’, obviously enjoyed his pork dish. The generous cutlet, glazed in cranberry, was served with apple braised red cabbage and a particularly tasty mustard potato mash.

Fisher House Pork CelesteReviews

The Pork

Now, I’m not one to rave about side dishes. I often only order these to ensure I have ample vegetables on my plate, however you must save room for the beans. Perfectly crunchy, cooked with lemon and topped with almonds. I’m salivating just thinking about how good they were.

Fishe House Beans CelesteReviews

Beans with lemon and almonds

I usually take a quick peek at the dessert menu, just to see what’s on offer, but 95% of the time I never order anything. Blueberry tart, chocolate tart, pavlova – ho, hum. And then, “Hello” – peanut butter layered mousse with a biscuit crumble and a shot glass of chocolate sauce on the side. “Yes, please. Don’t mind if I do”! It was rich (glad I talked the hubby into sharing), but a fantastic balance of sweet versus creaminess. Think creamy Reese’s Pieces and uncooked cookies and cream biscuit dough, covered in chocolate. Yum!

Fisher House Peanut Butter Mousse CelesteReviews

Peanut Butter Mousse

Neudorf Pinot Rose Celeste Reviews

Well and truly satisfied, I was done! I almost couldn’t take the final sip of my Neudorf Pinot Rose.

I’m even going back next weekend to try out their High Tea!

Top Tip: Make a reservation, so the kitchen will be open. Also, don’t plan for it to be a late night.

In a Nutshell: What are you still reading this for? Saddle up and make your reservation.

PS: If anyone has any other favourite South Auckland dining ideas for me to try, please let me know.