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This One Time, At Blog Camp…

After 14 months, I finally took a day off to do something for just ME! No kids. No distractions. No massive ‘to do’ list. Just the opportunity to better myself and learn more about something I really enjoy – writing this blog.

blog camp

So, yesterday, I packed my bags and went to Blog Camp.

Those of you that know me will be well aware that I’m usually not much of a camper, so it was lucky that Camp Mother, Vicki Jeffels (of Digital Discussions, Parents Online NZ and Vegemite Vix fame) was there to hold my hand and teach me a thing or two. It was the 2nd Blog Camp she’s presented in Auckland in recent months, and I’m now very sorry I missed the first.

This blog (and blogger – mum of twins remember) was feeling a bit tired, and I needed some motivation to get my blogging mojo back, Blog Camp was just what I needed. My head is still buzzing from the inspirational information overload and I can’t wait to get cracking on making a few changes to this site. I was also lucky enough to win a major door prize, which includes some quality time with Camp Mother, so watch this space!

The other fantastic thing about the day was having the chance to meet some wonderful NZ blogging women. Somehow I found myself plonked in the middle of the fashion/designery bloggers. Sitting next to Kelly (Kiwi Women Style), Erin (Jogging Pants Must Die) and the funky Jess (Foxes Blog), I was glad I’d had the time to put on a hint of make up before leaving the house.

Some attendees had been blogging for years (Siobhan from A Little Bit Mummy), some were writers by trade (Rachel from South Sea Island Home and Simone of Great Fun 4 Kids Blog), and a handful were bravely attending to find out where to start in the big bad world of blogging. Many of the blogs were quite personal insights about life journeys and family (Lisa – All in the Daze, Elizabeth – To Find a Silver Lining). But no matter what the subject material, everyone had unique advice, experience and wisdom to share. There was so much to take in; from developing your blog, to building community, to iPhoneography. I’m sure I’m going to have at least a small mountain of questions on this journey that will require answers.

At the end of the day, four of us shared a post from our blogs. The first three were incredibly deep, personal, and very well written pieces. My reading was the last of the day, and although I quite like my recent Steampunk post, I felt a bit of a fraud! I’m definitely going to have to work on putting more of myself into my words, if I’m going to grip my audience in the same way. I’m not sure the world is ready for it, but you have been warned.

Armed with some great ideas, and an overseas holiday on the horizon (which should provide some fantastic content ), I’ll be back into the swing of things in no time. I look forward to entertaining you some more then.