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Roasted Addiqtion

487 New North Road, Kingsland

Once again our Entertainment Book has proved trumps with the discovery of yet another delightful eating establishment.Caffeine Worshippers Unite

We were delivering a friend back to the city one Saturday morning, and decided to stop somewhere on the way, for a bite to eat.

Following advice from the Entertainment Book, our detour through Kingsland lead us to Roasted Addiqtion.

The menu boasts a great brunch selection for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free diets, as well as many traditional dishes. The husband and I were intrigued with the menu and we bypassed our usual Eggs Benedict order to try the potato hash cakes ($17.90). The vegetarian option of this dish came with two poached eggs on top of silverbeet and a cake of grated potato and parmigianino with avocado, salad and relish on the side. The potato cake was quite crunchy, providing a lovely contrast with the texture of the eggs and silverbeet. The eggs were slightly overcooked, but I still enjoyed my brunch.

The husband had the bacon potato hash cakes, while our third musketeer braved the Vegan Tofu Florentine ($17) – and she’s not even vegetarian, let alone vegan. The Florentine consisted of fried tofu on gluten free spelt toast, with avocado, spinach, capers and capsicum coulis sauce.

Potato Hash Cakes

Potato Hash Cakes with Avocado

I’m also keen to check out their dinner options and live music at some stage in the future.

In a nutshell: The food was great, and the coffee … supreme.

PS – The new Entertainment Books for Auckland are on sale from the 31st March.